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Full text of "XBOX Manual: Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow (2004)(Ubisoft)(US)[a]"

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- Vfc 


Safety Information 



About Photosensitive Seizures 

A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed 
to certain visual images, including flashing lights or patterns that may 
appear in video games. Even people who have no history of seizures or 
epilepsy may have an undiagnosed condition that can cause these 
"photosensitive epileptic seizures" while watching video games. 
These seizures may have a variety of symptoms, including 
lightheadedness, altered vision, eye or face twitching, jerking or shaking of 
arms or legs, disorientation, confusion, or momentary loss of awareness. 
Seizures may also cause loss of consciousness or convulsions that can 
lead to injury from falling down or striking nearby objects. 
Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor iff you experience any of 
these symptoms. Parents should watch for or ask their children about the 
above symptoms-children and teenagers are more likely than adults to 
experience these seizures. 

The risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may be reduced by srttmg 
farther from the television screen, using a smaller television screen, 
playing in a well-lit room, and not playing when you are drowsy or fatigued. 
If you or any of your relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, consult 
a doctor before playing. 

Other Important Hearth and Safety Information The Xbox Instruction 
Manual contains important hearth and safety information thai you should 
read and understand before using this software. 

Avoid Damage to Your Television 

Do not use with certain televisions. Some televisions, especially front- or 
rear-projection types, can be damaged if any video games, including Xbox 
games, are played on them. Static images presented during the normal 
course of gameplay may "burn in" to the screen, causing a permanent 
shadow of the stabc image to appear at all times, even when video 
games are not being played. Similar damage may occur from static 
images created when placing a video game on hold or pause. Consult 
your television owner's manual to determine if video games can be played 
safely on your set. If you are unable to find this information in the owner's 
manual, contact your television dealer or the manufacturer to determine 
if video games can be played safely on your set. 

Unauthorized copying, reverse engineering, transmission, public 
performance, rental, pay for play, or circumvention of copy protection is 
strictly prohibited. 


Xbox Uw™ 

Using the Xbos" Video Game System 

Using the Xbox Controller 




Game Controls 


Tiie Threat 


Sam Fisher Profile 


Third tcTneloti learr 


Other Characters 


Startup Screen 


Game 5creen 


Game Menu 


opsat (Operations 

Satellite Uplink) 


About Stealth Actic 



Sam's Actions and Movements 


Weapons. Gadgets, 

items, and In-Game Elements 




The Operation 


Principle of the Game 




Quick Stan 



Bfc fcv: r &F 


Game Screens 
Characters' Abilities 
Quick Inventory 




Game Levels 

iside back cove' 

Technical Support 

jyiljUilA lLLL^ b 


Take Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell" Pandora Tomorrow" Beyond 
the Box 

Xbox Use is a high-speed or broadband Interne' gaming community where you can create a permanent gamer 
identity, set up a Friends List with ofrie; players, see when they're online, invite them to play, and talk to mem 
in real-time as you play. 

Downloadable Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora 
Tomorrow Content 

If you are an Xbox Live subscriber, you can download Hie latest content (such as new levels, missions, 
weapons, vehicles, and more) to your Xbox console. 


Before you can download the latest content for Tom Cfancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow, you need to con- 
nect your Xbox console to a high-speed or broadband Internet connection and sign jp for the Xbox Live serv- 
ice. To determine if Xbox Live is available in yoc : r region and for more information anout connecting to Xbox 
Live, see and select your country. 


1. Set up your Xbox' video game system by following the instructions in the Xbox Instruction Manual 

2. Press the power button and the status indicator light will light up. 

3. Press the eject button and the oisc tray will open. 

4. Place the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow disc on the disc tray with the label feeing up and 
close the disc tray. 

5. FrjJIow the on-screen instructions and refer to this manual for more informaton about Tom Clancy's 
Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow. 

Avoiding Damage to Discs or the Disc Drive 

To avoid damage to discs or the disc drive: 

■ Insert only Xbox-compatible discs into the disc drive. 

• Never use oddly shaped discs, such as star-shaped or heart-shaped discs. 
^ Do not leave a disc in the Xbox console for extended periods when not in use. 

■ Do not move the Xbox console v*ile the power is on and a disc is inserted. 

■ Do not apply labels, stickers, or other foreign objects to discs. 


1. Connect the Xbox Controller to any controller port on the front of the Xbox console For multiple players, 
connect additional controllers to available controller ports. 

2. Insert an expansion device (for example, Xbox Memory Units) into controller expansion slots as appropriate. 

3. Follow tn e on-screen instructions and re'er to the diagram below for mme information about using the 
Xbox Controller to play Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow. 


Secondary Fire 

Move — 
Back to Wall 


Night Vision 
Select Item 


Primary Fire/Knock 


Draw Weapon 

Crouch/ Roll 

Interact/ Reload 


Thermal Vision Camera/ Binoculars 


In response to the growing use of sophisticated digital encryption to conceal potential threats to the national 
security of the United States, the NSA (National Security Agency) has ushered forth a new dawn of intelli- 
gence-gathering techniques. This top- sec ret initiative, dun bed Third Echelon, marks a return to classical meth- 
ods of espionage, enhanced with leading-edge surveillance and combat technology for the aggrcss'.ve ejec- 
tion of slo-ed oata in hostile territories. When intelligence deemed critical to national security cannot be 
obtained ty traditional means, Third Echelon, is granted clearance to conduct physical operations. Its exis- 
tence denied by the U.S. government, Third Echelon deploys units known as Splinter Cells: elite intelligence- 
gathering forces consisting of s lone field operative supported by a remote team. Like a sliver of glass, a 
Splinter Cell is small, sharp, anti nearly invisible. 

2006: The U.S. installs a temporary military base en East Timor to train the developing defense force of the 
"v;orld's youngest democracy." Resistance to the U.S. mi itary presence in Southeast Asia is widespread and 
passionate, but the tnreat Indonesian milii ; .as pose to Timorese democracy is deemed sufficient justification. 
At the same time, the U.S. doesn't mind having an excuse to install active military personnel within ea^y 
reacti of both North Korea and the largest Muslim population in Asia. 

Anti-U.S. resentment tc a head under the leadership of guerriila mlitia leader Sunadi Sadono, acting 
with the unofficial support of major corrupt factions of the Indonesian government. Suhadi's men attack and 
occupy the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, taking dozens of civilian and military personnel hostage. 
You are Sam Fisher. You're sent in, not to rescue the hostages, but to destroy top-secret documentation held 
in ihe embassy before Suhadi's men access it. 



Fisher has been on the front lines o' espionage in several defining conflicts throughout tho past decades. He 
: nas not only survived, but excelled h the field of covert operations through hard work, insatiable curiosity, 
ano brutal honesty. He has little time for polite niceties and even less for lies. 

Though fully aware of and confident in his abilities, Fisher understands that his survival has often been a gift 
of cnance. He knows he is human and fallible, and ne does not want to die. He his a strange and slightly 
dark sense of humor. 

He is quiet, instinctive, and observant: somebody who watches from trie outside. Combat, espionage, and 
constant training have defined his adult life; his tactical experience has become part of his instinct. Mow, 
even outside of work, he is most comfortable on the fringes of society, keenly observant but still removed. 
Fshe; has acquired an admirable collection of scsrs and secured his place in Valhalla; he has little left to 
prove to the world. Now older and uiser, he has no interest in glory, ff he fights, it is because he believes the 
cause is necessary and he is capable. 


Colonel Irving Lambert 

Born: 1961 in Bateau, NC 
Height: ST 

Weight 270 lbs. 

THIRD ECHELON Operations Coordinator 

Lambert is the link between the field agent {or agents) and Third fen el oil's team of 
researchers, hackers, strategists, and commanders. While Rsher is ii the field, he is in con- 
stant contact wiih Lambert via subdermal microchips and a cochlear implant. 

Dermot P. Brunton 

Born: 1963 

Height: 5*5" 

Weight 136 lbs. 

SHADOWNET Operations Coordinator 

Oermot is the "Irving Lambert" of the SHADOWNET initiative. As his operations specifically prohib- 
it live satellite contact between coordinator and operatives, Dermot's furction is more bureau- 
cratic and managerial. 

Anna Grimsdottir 

Bom: 1974 in Boston, MA 

Height 58' 

Weight: 128 lbs. 

THIRD ECHELON Communications Lead 

Grimsdotn'r heads a small team of programmers responsible for providing technological, crypto- 
graphic, and data support for trie field operative. Grimsdottir will assist Fishes in his interface 
with the high-tech components of his missions. 


Suhadi Sariono 

Indonesian Guerrilla Leader of the DARAH DAN DOA 

Suhadi has been fighting for Indonesian sovereignty since he was 15 years old. He worked his way 
quickly through the ranks and by his 21st birthday was the leader of the Darah Dan Doa (Blood 
and Prayer), at that time a gang of a few ciozso. By tne mid-90s, funded (covertly) by the 
Kopassus (Indonesian Special Forces) and ope/ation REDBEARD, the Darah Dan Doa had grown 
into a militia of thousands. Despite the withdrawal of U.S. and Ok support in 1999, me DDD con- 
tinues to Ihriue. 

Norman Soth 


Soiti is a ClA-trained mercenary and former freedom fighter operating in Southeast Asia, most 
notably Indonesia. In 1992 he was part of CIA operation REDBEARD, after wtoch he spent nearly a 
decade arming and training the Kopassus to stamp down Timorese uprisings. 

Dahlia Tal 

Shin Bet Agent 

Shin Bet, the Israeli Secret Poke, nandles Uie country's less savory inte'.iigence^elated tasks, 
such as 'interrogations, public relav'ons, and psyops. 


From the initial Startup screen, you csn select one of the following three menu options 

• Single Player 
■ Multilayer 

• Extras 

Single Player Menu 

Select Single Player if you'd like to play the single-player game. You will be 
taken to the Single Player menu, which contains the following options: 

Start Game 

Begin a new game or resume a previous game. When you select this option, 
you will be taken to the Profiles screen, where you can create a profile, load 
an existing profile, or even delete an old one. Von can create up to 10 differ- 
ent profiles with up \o "ihree different saves for eacti. Once you are ready, 
select your profile to start a new game. To play an existing saved game, you 
must select a player profile and then select a sawed gam: to load. 


Launch the introduction for Tom Clancy's Splinter Ceil Pandora Tomorrow. 

Back to Main Menu 

Select rnis option to go back to the Main Menu of the =ame. 


Mix I tip layer Menu 

Select Multilayer if you'd like to play muitiplayer Splinter Ceil Pandora Tomorrow an Xbox Live or witti Xbox 
System Link. You will he taken to the Muitiplayer menu. (See page 16 to start a muitiplayer game.) 

6 — 


1. Life Bar This represents the status of Sam's 

2. Stealth Meter: The meter moves left and right to 
represent the amount of light in Sam's area. 

3. Interaction System: This system appears when you 
can interact witti an object or person in the environ- 

4-. Objective: Displays the next goal to reach in your 

5. Selected Weapon, Gadget, or Item: Displays the current selection. 
5. Communication Box: Appears at the top of the screen when you receive a communication. 
I OPSAT; When a small flashing envelope appears above your OPSAT, a new gosi or a new note is available. 

Press the BACK button to open >our OPSAT arid read it. 

8. Total Ammo. 

9. Ammo in One Magazine. 


During the game, press the START button to access the Game menu. 

- Load Game: Load an existing checkpoint or a previously 
saved game. 

■ Options: Adjust Hie sound and video settings. 

■ Controller: Adjust the controller options. 

- Back to Single Player Menu: 3o back to the Single 
Player menu. 


The OPSAT is a compact, wrist-moms ted version of a standard 
civilian PDA, designed for military use. It enables Sam to receive 
mission objectives 2nd updates from Third Echelon headquarters. 
The OPSAT also Displays real-time images from Sticky Cameras. 
During the game, press the BACK bjrton to open your OPSAT. 

- Goats: view the specific details of your mission objectives. 

■ Notes: Read additional hints and clues that may have beer, 
gathered during the mission. 

- Data: Recon data provides intelligence about enemies, locations, or other key elemerts pertinent to the 
operation. Pay special attention to the data sticks, as they contain key information. 

- Inventory: The inventory section provides information about the iterrs and eqLipinen: you are carrying. 


m ■ Til m 




Sam's ability to operate covertly is his most valuable asset against overwhelming enemy forces. Trie visibil ty 
meter on Sam's OPSAT is an important indicator of stealth. If it is completely to the left, Sam is invisible to 
enemy surveillance. If it is completely to the right, Sam is in critical danger of being detected and/or intercept- 
ed. Remaining under the cover of shadows is an important stealth technique, but crouching, moving slowly 
and keeping your back to the wall also contribute to Sam's invisibility. 

A Splinter Cell operative must defy not only enemy eyes, but also enemy ears. Consider that while running 
and jumping are sometimes necessary movements, they also generate sound - a golden invitation for an 
enemy patrol to investigate your position. Moving slowly while crouched is much more likely to avoid enemy 


Note that if an enemy detects Sam, or even suspects the presence of an intruder, tney have heen spec rica I ly 
trained to alert nearby comrades or trigger an alarm, rattier than engage Sam by themselves. They will be 
more prepared and armed each time a new alarm level is reached. And because of the extremely covert 
nature of Splinter Cell operations, indiscretion with alaors can lead to Third Echelon aborting a mission. 


Each time Sam can perform a special action, an Interaction System window will open. Press the A button 
and hold it, and then use ttie left thumbstick or tiie directional pad to select the action you want to per- 
form. Release the A button to validate your choice. 

Analog Movement 

Many of Sam's moves are analog in nature. Simply put, this means that if you push hard on a stick or but- 
ton, Sam will perform the move more quickly or forcefully. When walking, for example, moving the right 
tnumbsticl: ail the way forward will make Sam run at top speed. Pushing gently forward will move him more 
slowly. Since moving slowly allows greater stealth than moving qu[c'<!y, it is important to remember to e<er- 
cise control. An enemy who hears you behind him can almost always spin around and snoot taster than you 
can cross an open a:ea. While it may seem unnerving to move slowly through a welMit space with an enemy 
nearby, it's often lethal to try to dash across the space. 

Basic Moves 

Sam has a wide range of moves. Knowing how to get around - and how to do it undetected - is critical. 

Press the B button to crouch. Movement is slower* but quieter, and Sam is less visible while crouched. 

Press the Y button and push forward into low objects like crates or tables and Sam will crawl, or 
"mantle," onto them. 




To climb a pipe, ladder, vertical cable, or fence, simply walk into it. Press the B button to jump off. 
Close Attack 

With your weapon hcilstered, pull the right trigger when very close to an enemy to hit him with 
your elbow. 

* Back to Wall 

JP Click the left ITiunibstlcrk when standing or crouched to put Sam's back to the well. Sam is less 

* visible with his back to a wail. 

* Shimmying 

\§ Jump by pressing trie Y button to grab and hang from ledges above Sam's head. Sam can move 
P ieft and right as well as pull himself up if there is room. Pull down or press the B button to let go 
of a ledge. 

ln HaiKHjver-Haml 

A Jump by pressing the Y button to grab and hold a horizontal pipe. Bihg Sam's legs up to clear 

* obstacles by pressing the Y button. 

X Zip line 

«j| Jump by pressing the Y huttoR to grab hoi(i of a sloped wire or zip line. Sam will slide down auto 
** maticaily. Raise Sam's egs by pressing the Y button. Press the B bctton to let go. 

Advanced Moves 

Advanced moves are just as crucial as basic moves. Mastering these will allow Sam cO move through his em 
fonment with much greater safety and precision. Many of these advanced moves are combinations tnat allow 
Sam to attack For information on equipping and using weapons, refer to the next section, Weapons, 
Gadgets, Hems, and In-Game Elements. 

w Rolling 

^R Press and hold the B button while moving to do a roll. 
Split Jump 

ff Sam is in a corridor that is about as wide as he is tall, jump by pressing {he Y button and then 
press the Y button a second lime to allow hjrn to enter the Split Jump position. 

^ Half Split Jump 

K^ If Sam is in a smaller corridor, he be able to do a Half Split Jump. Press the Y button to 
jump, then press the Y button a second time to allow him to enter th3 Half Split Jump position. 

XHalf Split Jump and Jump 
From a Half Split lump, Sam can reach a higher spot. Make Sam 'ace the higher position by mnv 
ing the left thumbstick. Then press the Y button to reach it. 

Q Drop Attack 

(7 £ If you car get above an enemy and drop direcily down on him, you will knock him out. P.'ess the 
Y button to Drop Attac<. 

Quiet Landing 

When falling, quickly press the B button to do a Quiet Landing, 
I Rappelling 

W ^P To rappel from a small chimney, stand near it and select the Rappel nteraction. Sam can n-ove 
up and down the rope. Press the Y button to kick off the wall. 

Rappel Shooting 

tR^ Sam can equip and fire his weapon while rappelling. Press the X baton to equip the seiected weapon. 




Hanging Shooting 

Sam can equip and fire his weapon while hanging from a 


i^tiOi^i \^* <L ^iLO^lL 

pipe, but only if his legs are not tucked. Press the X buitor. to equip the selected weapon. 
w^ Upside-Dovnn Shooting 
J. While Sam is hanging by his legs from a horizontal pipe, press the X button to withdraw his weapon. 

Split-Jump Shooting 
^^ Sam can equip and fire his weapon while in the Split Jump position. P^css trie X button to equ"? the 

selected weapon. 

-1 Backto-Walt Shooting 

\ When Sam approaches a corner with his back to the wall, he will automatically peek around the 
* corner. Press the X button while peeking tc equ^o the selected weapon, and he can shoot around 
ttie corner. 

Back-to-Wall Throwing 

ifffS White oeeking, press up and down on the directional pad to select an object you can throw. Press 
j&ff the X button to equip it. While equipped, you can adjust throwing length by pulling the left trigger. 
Pull tne right trigger to throw it. 

J SWAT Turn 
While Sam is peeking at an open door or a small corridor, press the A button to perform a SWAT 
Turn. The SWAT Turn is a highly trained Special Forces movement that makes you almost invisible. 

Uon-Player Character -Linked Moves 

Sam has several special moves that can only be perforreerJ on NPCs (NomPlayer Characters). Being able to 
get close to an enemy without being detected is necessary to execute these moves. 

fMove Body 
Sam will need to hide dead or unconscious bodies in order to prevent them fron; be : -ng discov- 
ered. Select the Body interaction to carry a body. P^ess the A button to put tarn down quietly, or 
sirnoly press the X button to equip a weapon and dro£ the boey in a hurry. 

XV Grabbing 

Wf Grab an enemy by sneaking up close to him undetected and selecting the Grah Character inte-action. 

r Human Shield 
While holding an enemy, you can press the i button to equip your skiearm and fire at othe? ene- 
mies while using the enemy you are holding as a human shield. 

yk Interrogation 

j$ Some NPCs can be interrogated for useful information. While holding an NPC, select the 
Interrogate interaction to make nim talk. 

Forced Cooperation 
"Sj Some objects in the world can't be used by Sam, but there may be NPCs who can use he 
v\ objects for him. To force an NPC to cooperate, grab him. drag him to the object you want him 
to use, and select the Force Cooperate interaction. 

Jv'HmiOLhU^> v t: 



During the game, press and hold the White button to access tho quick inventory. Use the directional pad to 
select an item. To use the item, pul the right triggeL 

Weapons and Gadgets 


The bull-pup configuration of t'nis assault rifle makes it light and compact without sacrificing 
power (5.56x45mm ssl09). Its modular coi figuration allows it to be customized to fit any mis- 
sion profile. Equipped wi;h a Hash/sound suppressor and combined wi:h a mulripu/pose launcher, 
the SC-20K becomes the obvious cjiojce of weaponry for Sam when he is infiltrating enemy territory. 
When you're equipped with the SC-20K rifle, ch'ck the right thumbstick ic go into Sniper mode. 
SC-20K's Multipurpose Launcher 

Pull the ieft trigger to fire with the launcher. Trie launcher cannot be fired in Sniper mode. 
Ring Airfoil Projectile 

A high-impact, zero-penetration projectile designed to incapacitate ^a'her than kill. 
Niote: The Ring Airfoil is much more effective if it hits the head. 
Sticky Camera 

A miniature camera with full pan and zoom functionality, pius night end thermal vision modes. 
The Sticky Camera feeds its image directly to Sam's OPSAT. Sticky Cams are reusable. 

Sticky Shocker 

A high-voltage discharge device Mated in adhesive resin. The Sticky Shocker will adhere to an 
enemy and give him an incapacitating shock. 

Hint; Fired into pools of water. The Sticky Shocker can neutralize multiple opponents. 
Distraction Camera 

This camera can be triggered to attract enemies with sound and then dispense 3 cloud of inca- 
pacitating gas when they are nearby. 

Gas Grenade 

This standard gas canister grenade can incapacitate groups of enemies-. Prolonged exposure caus- 
es unconsciousness. 

Flashbang Grenade 

Grenade with powerful ighining effect that can blind yoj at medium range. 

Chaff Grenade 

When exploded, it releases a cloud of magnetic particles, whicn will disable electronic devices in 
its radius. This also affects Sam's gears. 

Laser Aiming 

The pistol is equipped with User Aiming to allow better accuracy. But be careful, 'he red spot 
can be detected by enemies. 










d i, l.kivL'tKZ-.iLUlVC 

Lock Pick 

Standard set of picks, wrenches, a no' probes for bypassing 
standard cylinder locks. Slowly rotate the left thumbst : .ck around the outer edge of its range until 
you see and hear the first pin begin to move. This rnears the lelt thumbstick is in the correct 
quadrant. Keeping the left thumbstick ^n the correct quadrant, wiggle the thumbstick very gentry to 
release one of the pins in the lock. Repeat until all pins a;e released. 

Disposable Pick 

Unconventional leck picks, these micro explcsive-shaped charges deliver a quick impact to any 
standard lock cylinder tha: will shatter the p"ns and unlock the door. 

Laser Microphone: T.A.K. (Tactical Audio Kit) 

A laser-operated microphone integrated in the SC pistol that enables the user to read the vibra- 
tion off certain surfaces (mainly glass windows). Used to listen in on conversations. 

Camera Jammer 

The Camera Jammer emits microwave puses that disrupt the surveillance cameras. The battery 
has to be recharged after a short time. 

Optic Cable 

This flexible cable/camera can easily be slipped under doors to view the other side. Complete 
with night and thermal vision enhancement. 


Night vision goggles amplify very low existing light, especially Sigiils at the lower end of the infrared 
spectrum. The thermal vision headset is an essential tool in low-light situations. This technology dif- 
fers from night vision in that it captures the upper level of the infrared light spectrum, whict is 
emitted as heat rathe than rejected as light. 



Some objects, n'ke grenades, flares, or other miscellaneous objects in the world, can be thrown. To throw an 
object, equip it and pull ine right trigger. A series of retas on-screen will show you? aiming trajectory, b'se 
I he right "humbstick to aim and the left trigger lo flatten or arch the Trajectory. Puli the right trigger to throw 
the object or pul" the right trigger again to abort the throw. 

• Wall Mine 
The Wall Wine is a motion-sensitive explosive device that can be attached to almost any surface. 
To deactivate and pic'< up a Wall Mine, wait for the green light. 

\~\. Emergency Flare 

^*£ These standard road flares also emit a great dea* of heat, making them useful for distracting heat 
^ sensors such as those found on automated turrets. 

Frag Grenade 

The i4-ounce M67 fragmentation grenade consists of a 2.5" steel sphere surrounding 6.5 ounces of 
nigh explosive. Upon detonation, the steel sphere shatters, emitting a burst of high-velocity shrapnei. 

Medical Kit 

Standard field first-aid kit. 


■/vlLLi! Willi £>yt 

In-Game Elements 

Enemy static defenses present a wide range of potential obstacles to overcome - from simple keypads that 
con'rol doors to automated turrets Inst detect heat and movement and fire on intruder. 


Alarm Panel 

Standard alarm switches that car. he triggered by enemies to alert nea'by comrades. Because of 


the extremely covert natire of Sam's operations, indiscretion with alarns can lead to Third 
Echelon aborting a misson. 

Automated Turret 

Heat- and motion-sensing turrets with an Independent Friendly Fire (IFFi recognition system. 
Turrets can be hacked from their attached control computer. Either deact^va-e a turret entirely, ot 
disable its IFF system. With IFF disabled, the turret will still attack Sarr, but it will a : so attack 
•enemies. Use the directional pad to navigate in the attached control computer. 

Surveillance Camera 

Standard, off-the-shelf surveillance cameras that detect movement and have the ability lo directiy 
trigger alarms. This type of camera is fragile and can be destroyed. 

Armored Camera 

Except for the bulletproof casing, these cameras are identical to the standard surveillance camera. 

Keypad Lock 

Standard push-button security pads linked to electromagnetic locking systems in a door. Only the 
correct code will allow a keypad-locked door to be opened. Multiple fai ! ed attempts to enter a 
code will smjnd an alarm. 

Retinal Scanner 

A locking device that reads the unique imprint of a person's retina before unlocking a door. No 
one without access can open a retinal scanner-locked door, but those with the correct retinas 
can sometimes be "convinced' 7 to open them for you. An incorrect retiial scan automatically trig- 
gers an alarm. 

Booby Trap 

This basic grenade links to a small cable. 

Motion Detector 

When Sam is moving too quickiy near a motion detector, it releases a powerful lightning effect 
that can blind at medkm range. 


SHADOWNET Team Background 

SHAOOWfO is a new class o f operative in THIRD 
ECHELON, part of a movement towards tactical, 
tec m-base J stealth. Based on the theories of NSA 
analyst Dermot P. Brunton, SHAOOWN ET has been 
conceived as the "left hand" of the Splinter Cell 
program. SHADOWNET is intended to leave 
absolutely no footprint on the area of operation To 
compensate for the lack of a handler, teams of 
operatives are assembled for each mission. They 
operate laterally, shifting command structure in the 
Held as the situation demands. SKA0OWNE7 
■directives call for strictly nonlethal operations 

• Fei in e 

» formicable opponents in hand-to-hand combat 

* Masters of the art a f exploiting one's environment 

ARGUS Corporation Background 

YEAR 2006. Guards- ARGUS, Inc. 
ARGUS stands 'or Armed Guardian Services (Argus 
was ttic !0fl-eyed giant guarding the fleece from 
Jason and the Argonauts). It is a private milita-y 
corporation, or PMC, based in the U.S. ARGUS 
guards specialize in domestic contravention and 
security consultation. They will secure and guard 
any location, no questions asked. But the payment 
for their services is not cheap. ARGUS has succeed- 
ed in the highiy competitive realm of PMCs by offer- 
ing bonus/injury incentives for employees. Any 
AfiGUS employee injured or forced to harm or neu- 
tralize a hostile presence in the line of duty will be 
richly rewarded. 

* Tough 

* Powerfully armed 

* Hunters and trackers 


The game is based on two opposing teams of human players. The SHADOWNET team must move forward with- 
out being spotted, analyze its environment, and fulfill tlie conditions for victory. The mercenaries' team 
(ARGUS Corp.) must prevent the SHADOWNET team from making progress by tracking them down, finder g 
mem, anc eliminating them. 

The Different Game Modes 

Neutralization Mode 

OBJECTIVE: Find the viral containers (ND133s) and 

neutralise them. 

VICTORY: Neutralize ttie ND133s or eliminate all 

the mercenaries. 

RULES: To neutralize an ND133, position yourself in 

front of it aad press the A button. Neutralization 

lakes lime, but you can break off whenever you want 

and lake up aga ; .n where you left off. 

ARGUS Corporation 
OBJECTIVE; Protect the containers and eradicate the 

VICTORY: Eradicate all the intruders or protect the 
ND133s within the time limit. 

Extraction Mode 

OBJECTIVE: Find the ND133s< take the tubes, snd 
bring them to the extraction point. 
VICTORY: 8ring back enough tubes to the extrac- 
tion point. 

RULES: To take an ND133 tube, position yourself ifi 
front of it, and press the A button. Then take i" 
back to an extraction point. 

Sabotage Mode 

OBJECTIVE: Find the ND133s and neutralize them 
by placing a modem nearby, 
VICTORY: Neutralize the ND133s using your 
modems or neutralize the mercenDries. 
RULES: Place a modem on a wall near an ND133 
by pressing down on the directions* pad. The 
ND133 will be neutralized at Hie end of the count- 
down. If the modem is destroyed, placing a new 
modem will resume the countdowr from where it 
stopped. Pick a new modem from your ammo pack. 

ARGUS Corporation 
OBJECTIVE: Prevent the intruders from stealing the 

tubes and eradicate the hrcat they constitute. 
VICTORY; Eradicate all the intruders ot protect tiie 
tubes within the time limit. 
RULES: Protect the tubes on their supports. You 
can retrieve a tube stolen by an intruder by elimi- 
nating the intruder before he reaches the outer 
limit of the sire and passing over the tube. 

ARGUS Corporation 
OBJECTIVE: Protect the containers -from the intruders 
who try to neutralize them with their modems. 
VJCTORY: Eradicate the intruders or prevent them 
from neutralizing Hie ND133s. 
RULES: Protect the NO 133s from the modems. 
When a countdown appears, look for the modern 
in question and neutralise it by removing it or 
shooting it. 


This diagram shows the controls for a SHADOWNET team spy 

A button Contextual action. 

Near an enemy: Strike an 
enemy with your elbow 
when facing him or grab 
him from behind. 
Near a door or a computer 
Use it. 

facing a wall: Turn your 
back to the wall. 


8 button 

X button 

Y button 
White button 
Black button 
Right tri&er 

Crouch down/stand up. 
When held: RolL 
Take out/ put sway your 


Switch ajdio channels to talk or listen to your enemy. 

Toggle the Enhanced Reality display mode (none. all). 

In third-person view: Use the emergency gadget by pressing the V button. 

With weapon in hand: Shoot with the Sticky Shocker. 

In third-person view Use toe emergency gadget by pressing the X button. 

With weapon in hand: Use a gadge:. 

Up. down, left, right: Wove the character in relation to the camera. 

Up, down, left, right: Turn the camera. 
Click left fliumtetlck Open the inventory. Once open, cress the A, B, X. or Y buttons or the right thumbstick to 

select a gadget. 
Click right thumbstick Shift into Binocular mode. Zoom in and out with up and down on the directional pad. 

Once in this mode, luck an objective with the A button when its details are displayed. 

Display oonljols and HUD explanatory. 

Open the menu when a game is in progress. 

Use alternative visions. 

• Up; Activate or deactivate the weapon's iaser (default on) 

* Left: Use the night vision goggles. 

• Right: Use the thermal vision goggles. 

♦ Down: Place a modem (in Sabotage mode only). 

Left trigger 

Left thumbstick 
Right thumbstick 

BACK button 
START button 
Directional pad 

B button 
X button 

Y button 
White button 

Biaok button 
Right trigger 

Left trigger 
Left thumbstick 

Right thumbs tick 
Click left thumbstick 

BACK button 
START button 
Directional pad 

This diagram shows the cor.trois far an ARGUS Corporation mercenary 

A button Corttexlual action. 

Near a computer or ammu 

niti'on case: Use it. 

Near a moving enemy: 

Attack or charge. 

Crouch down/stand up. 

Reload /change a weapon's 

rate of fire (press longer). 


Switch auoio ciannels to 

talk or listen to your enemy. 

Toggle the Enhanced Reality display mode (none, a I 

Fire (for longer or shorter periods, depending on the fire mode and the length of time 

the button is kept pressed down). 

One short press: Use the current gadget. 

Long press: Adjust the strength of the jet and rang?. 

In Snipe mode; Hold your breath. 

Wove the character: 

• Up: Forward. 

• Down: Back. 

• Left: One step left. 

• Right: One step right. 
Change aim. 

Open the inventory. Once open, press me A, 6, X, or V buttons or move the right thumb- 
slick to select a gadget. 

Click right thumbstick Shift into Snipe mode. Zoom in an^ out with up and down on -he directional pad. hold 
your breath by pulling the ieft trigger. Shoot by pulling the right trigger. 
Display controls and HUD explanations. 
Open the meru when a game is in progress. 
Use alternative visions. 

• Up: Laser s'ght. 

• Down: Flashlight. 

• Left: Motion -tracking device. 

• Right: Electromagnetic 5e Id-tracking device. 


from the Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow general menu, select M u I ii player to access the general Multipiayer 
menu. Choose a profile by selecting it and pressing the A button. You can delete a profile hy selecting it and 
pressing the X button. 

Note: Profiles created in Single Player mode and those created m Multiplier mode can be used in either 
type of game, but the options for each will he different. If this is the first time you have clicked on 
Multipiayer, yon will be automatically invited to create a profile by entering a name. When your profile has 
been created, you will be automatically directed to two tutorials: the first one trains you as a spy; the second 



une trails you as a mercenary. Vou can quit these tutorials any 
lime by pressing the START button in-garre and choosing Quit. 
1 hen you will he taken to the following menu: 
■ Xbox Live: Play on the Internet, using the Xbox Live service. 

• System Link; Create o: join games en a local network. 

• Tutorials: view tips and tools to help you master the game. You can also access tutorial maps. 

• Options: Modify the settings for the profile being used. 


Navigation Method 

To move about on the page, use the left thumbstick or the directional pad. To validate a choice, press the A 
button. To go back to the previous page, press the B button. On some pages, the other buttons (e.g., :<) may 
\me another function {see the caption at the foot of the page). 

Menu Details 

Profile snd Editing Menu for Gadgets 

The Profit Optiors field of the Main Menu enables you to edit the settings relating to your profile. 

• Equipment: Ed ; t the gadgets that each of your characters can use in the game. 

Each DroHle contains details of spy ane mercenary equipment. To see what your other character possess- 
es, press the Y button. Each character has four locations, each of which can accommodate a gadget. To 
change a gadget, position yourself on it and press- tie A button. You will then he "aken to a page showmg 
you all the gadgets available for the member of the team you are editing. There are six gadgets, Clioose 
the gadget that you wish to take, and then ualioate your choice with the A button. The new gadgc" will 
appear in your inventory. 

Note: For spy equipment, try allocating grenade-like gadgets to the X and Y siots; you can then use them 
in an emergency by pulling the left and right triggers. 

• Game: Adjust the following game control settings. 

- Vi oration: Activate or deactivate vibration in the game, 

- Insert Y Axis: Invert the vertical aiming axis. 

-- Ini/ert X Axis for Spies: Invert the camera's horizontal axis of notation. 

- Auto-center: Turn on or cf. automatic return to the horizontal when sentries aim. 

- Display System Message: Turn on or off display of system messages during a game. 

- Unit System: Display distances in meters or feel. 

• Audio: Configure the game's sound sellings. 

- Effects Volume: Modify me volume of sound effects. 

- Music Volume: Modify the volume of in-game music. 

• Wdeo: Adjust the game's video settings for optimum performance on your TV. 

• Xbox Live: Access the settings used for the online game on Xbox Uve. 

- Appear Offline: Appear offline, even when playing on Xbox Live. 

- Voice Mask: Apply a filter to your voice by selecting ane af the masks piovlded. 

- Voice on Speaker: Hear the voices of other players through your TV's loudspeakers via the 
Voice Communicator. 


Xbox Live Menu 

Before accessing the general Xbox live menu, you must seleoi an Xbox Live account VaJicate your choice 
with the A button. Sf the selected account is protected by a password, enter the password, [f you have not yet 
created an Xbox Live account, use the New Account option to access you? Xbox account creation menu. 
When you have entered your password, you will be taken to the following men u: 

• Quick Match: Find a game with an available place that you can join quickly. 

• OptiMatch: Find games yon can join that meet certain criteria. 

• Create Match: Set up an Xbox Live game session by specifying the game parameters. Choose the 
deseed level for the game, the game mode, the type of game {Free or Ranking, and the Level Gap (Urn 
toierated divergence of level between players). Once the settings have been rrade, go to the game wail 
ing room by pressing the A hutton. When all the players are ready (with the C:iec!< icon next to their 
names) and you are also ready, launch the game by positioning yourself on the Launch option and press- 
ing the A button. 

• Friends: Access your list of friends. They are displayed in the left-hand column, their state is indicated at 
the top right, and the actions available for the currently selected friend are indicated at the bottom right. 
To carry out an action on a friend, select the friend in the left-hand column and press the A button, then 
select the action and press the A button to implement it. 

• Recent Players; Access your recent players list. It is displayed in the left-hand column and the actions 
available for the currently selected recent players are indicated at the bottom right. To carry out ar action 
on a recent player, select him or her in the left-hand column and press the A button. Then select the 
action and press the A button to implement it 

• Download Content: Access the download page to get new content for the game. 

• Rankings: Consult the world rankings for Xbox Live. When vol play Ranking games, you receive points fcr 
each victory. These points allow you to maite progress. After selecting certain search filters, press the A 
button to display the ranking. F"om this general page, you can modify the ranking criteria to sort players 
in different ways. Each ranking criterion can be modifieo using one of the directional pad buttons (you are 
reminded of the action associated with each button on the interface). 

• Options: Edit your profile's options. 

Menu System Link 

With Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow, you can link up several Xbox consoles (a maximum of four), either 
directly or through a iocal network (LAN). 

• Find Session: To join an existing game. You are provided with a list of games, similar in architecture to 
the OptiMatch list of games. Choose the game you want to join by pressing the A button. You will be 
taken to the game waiting room. When all the players are ready {with the Chfttk icon next to their 
names) and you are also ready launch the game by positioning yourself on the Launch option and press- 
ing the A hutton. 

• Create Session: To set up a game session. You must choose the level for the gome, as well as the game 
mode. When the settings have been made, you can go to the game waiting room by pressing the A but- 
ton. When all the players are ready (with the Check icon next to their names) and you are also ready, 
launch the game by positioning yourself on the Launch option and pressing the A button. 

Tutorials Menu 

The Tutorials menu includes the following options: 

• View Controls - . Consult the diagrams showing the attribution of actions r o controller for each of the two 
teams. From one of the diagrams, press the A hutton to display the other team's controls. 


/■; liiiiinjLLiL'y*,; 

- View HUD: Consult explanat' ; ons relating to the items dis- 
played on the game screen. From one of the diagrams, press the 
A buttcn to display the other team's controls. 

■ Tips: Obtain tips or additional explanations concerning the abilities of characters in each team. From the 
lips page for spies, press the Y button to display the tips for the other team. To view a tip, select it and 
press trie A button. From this page, press the A button to display the following tip and the B button to go 
back to the Tips menu. 

■ Visit Map: Visit the level of your choice (alone) within a chosen team. Select the level you want to visit, 
tlic team you want to join, and the game mode. 

SHADOWNET Spy Tutorial: Play the Spy tutorial map 
ARGUS Mercenary Tutorial: Play the Mercenary tutorial. 


SHADOWNET Team Member Screen 

■ . Tactical radar: This radar displays the posi- 
tion of your teammate and the locked ene- 
mies (only appears when something needs 
to be displayed). 

.-. ND133 counter; Displays the number of 
object ves left to win and the objectives 
already taken. 

'■ MD133 capture timer: Displays the remain- 
ing time for an ND133 to be neutralized by 
the SHADOWNET team. 

4. Time remaining in the game: Displays the 
time remaining before the end of the mission 

J. Energy indicator: This interface is displayed only when the player is in over-the-shouio'er view or whim the 
energy bar is refilling. It is an indication of the Temsining energy available for the spy electrical gur. 

i Detection and alarm messages: Displays messages when your presence has heen detected. 

7. Interaction menu: This interface displays the different interactions with an object. 

Game info screen: This window is used to display ah the in-game messages (objech'ue taken, alarm trig- 
gered, player killed by player, etc.). The messages are displayed using horizontal scrolling. 

'J life bar: This interface displays the player's remaining life. 

10. Current gadget; This interface displays the current gadget, its name, and the number of units of this 
gadget available (in the scrcenshot example, the player has three spy bullets). 

11. Enhanced Reality: This indicator displays information about the position of the N0133 and the distance 
between the pi aye? and this ND133. 


ARGUS Corporation Member Screen 

1. System info: Displays messages concerning 
your equipment status. 

2. Defectum and alarm messages: Displays 
intrusions and alarm messages, indicating 
The name and position of the alarms that 
h^e been triggered. 

3. Game info screen: This window is used to 
display all the in-game messages (objective 
taken, alarm triggered, player killed by play- 
er, etc.)- The messages are displayed using 
horizontal scrolling. 

4. Life bar: This interface displays the player's 
remaining life. 

5. Ammunition Indicator: This interface displays the player's ammunition. The number on the led is the num- 
ber of extra clips auailahle. The number on the right represents the number of remaining ballets in ihe 
current clip. 

6. Current gadget; This interface displays the current gadget, its name, and the lumber of units of this 
gadget available (in the screenshot example, the player has 2Q Tazers). 

7. Tactical radar: This radar displays the position of the objectives, the player's fcammaie, the triggered 
alarms, Jhe locked enemies, etc. 

8. Time remaining In the game; This interface displays the time remaining for the spies to complete the 

9. ND133 counter: Displays the njmber of objectives left to win and the objectives already taken. 

10. ND133 capture timer: Displays the remaining time for an ND133 to be neutralized by the SHA00WNET 

11. Interaction menu: This interface displays the different interactions with an object. 

12. Enhanced Reality: This indicator gives information: about the position of the ND133 or the triggered 
alarm, and the distance between the player and the ND133 or the alarm. 

13. Reticle: Your aiming device. 




HADOWNET Team Members 1 Abilities 
asic Actions 

Sneak, Walk, and Run 

When you push the left thumbstick forward sightly, your character wilt begin to walk slowly. 
Pushing the thumbstick all the way forward initiates the full run. 


The Crouch button toggles crouching. Crouching is a good way to ensure siow, quiet movement. 


Pressing the Y button will make your character jump straight up in the air Pressing the Y button 

while running will make the character jump forward. If you press the B button when falling ( .e., 

when landing from a jump), you will make a silent landing, which is uery useful to avoid being 

located. If you land on an opponent, you may knock nim out. 

Wall Jump 

After a jump, it is also possible to push against a wall. To do this, just move -owards the wall and 
press the Y button. The resulting action will depend on how the place is configured: 

• if is is possible to cling on a Utile higher uo the wall, your character will push against the wall 
to gain altitude and be able to cling on. 

• If ii is not possible to clng on, your character will push against the wall to perform a flip. 

ig^. Shoot 

Jf To take a weapon in hand, press the X button. To shoot, pull the right trigger. In this representation 

^ mode (over-the-shoulder, weapoc in hand), you cannot jump. However, you can interact with your envi- 
ronment by pressing the A button. To come out of this weapon-in-hand mode, press the X button. 

Use a Gadget 

To use one of your gadgets, you must have your weapon in hand. To use a gadget, pull the left 
trigger. Some gadgets can be usee quickly. The correct procedure is described in the Quick 
Inventory paragraph. 


You can interact with certain items in the universe by pushing the A button. These actions include 
flipping a light switch, using an elevator, and picking up an object. 

Special Abilities 
* The Ledge Hang 

^^M| If you just miss a jump r fall off a platform, or jump up from below a platform, you can hang onto 
i_MI the ledge. Tap up to make your character pull himself up onto the ledge. lap down or press the Y 
button to release your character from the Sedge. Pressing left and fight while I edge- hanging will 
allow him to shimmy along the ledge. 

Climbing Halfway up an Object 

II you are confronted with an object that you cannot cling to, but on which you can climb, press 
the Y button for your character to start a jump and climb onto the box. 

A'U'Hil l^ui'.yt* 



The Fence Climb 

You can initiate chmbirg by either walking or jumping onto these surfaces (press the Y button 
while keeping the left tiumbstick pushed forward). Pressing up or down then -makes the character 
climb up and down, while pressing left and right makes him climb from side to side. To release the 
character from the surface, press tne Y button. If you reach the top of a ciirr.bablc wall, your char- 
acter will automatically climb up off the wall if you continue to push forward. If you are climbing a 
fence, pressing up at the top will make your character climh to the other side of the fence. 

The Hand-over Hand Climb 

Your character is able to hang from pipes and move under them by swinging haiid-ovor-hand. All 
you have to go is position yourself under the pipe and press the Y button. Once vol; are hanging 
on, move along using tt ! e left thumbstick* Press the B button to mate your character swing his 
legs up onto the pipe rand the B button again to make him swing his iegs down). Pressing the Y 
button will reieasc the character from the pipe. 

You can hang from one arm and shoot when you stop moving forward by pressing the X bullon 
(or by pulling the right trigger or the left trigger). IF yon are hanging with your feet above the pipe 
and you take yoar wesson into your hand, you will end up hanging by your -eei with the weapon 
in hand. Press once or the X button to go back to the initial position. However, if you press the Y 
button while hanging by your feet, you will perform a somersault and fall back to the ground 
below the place where you were hanging on. 

The Ladder Climb and Vertical Pipe Climb 

Your character can clinb up and down ladders and vertical pipes. Push into a ladder or a pipe 
(or jump onto it by pressing the Y button) to grab onto it. Pressing up and sown on the left 
thumbstick will make trie character climb up and down. If you press ihe A button while pressing 
down on the 'eft thumbstick, the character will qu : ckly slide down the ladder cr the pipe. If you 
stop pressing down on the left thumbstick, the character will stop sliding. Press the Y button to 
jump backwards off the ladder ot the pipe. 

The Zip Lines 

Yon can hang onto, arxi slide along, a taut rope (zip line). To use this method of movement, posi- 
tion yourself under the z:p line and press tne Y button. You can accelerate by pushing the con- 
troller upwards. Once a certain speed has been reached, the character will raise his feet. Sy 
pushing the left thumbstick down, you can slow down his descent. Le: go cf the rope by pressing 
the Y button. 

The Split Jump 

You can hold on between two walls by doing a split. To do this, posit on yourself between the two 
walls, near one of them, and p?ess once on the Y button. When you are in the air, press a second 
time on the Y button to sappor yourself against the wall. Your character will enc' up doing a split 
between the two walls In tills position, you can perform the following actions: 
•Take out your weapen and shoot. 

■ Drop back down. To do this, p/ess the Y button. 

■ Use the available gadgets in your inventory by pulling the left trigger. 



The Back to Wall L\^a^L^lu^^u^*tt r 

To stick close to a wall, position yourself facing the wall 

and press the A button. To move, use the icft thumbstick. Press the B button to crouch down. To 

move out of this position, yon have different possibilities: 

• Press the A button again. 
•Take your weapon into your hand. 

If you are moving up to the corner of a wall and you keep pushing the left thumbstick in the 
direction of the comer of the wall, your character will shift automatically into Sneak mode (.ie will 
poke his head abound Hie side of tlie wall to see what is going on). From this position, you can 
manually target and take your gun by pressing the B button (or by pulling the right or left trigger). 
Shoot by pulling the right trigger; use a gadget with the left trigger. Press the X button to put your 
weapon away. 

The Roll 

You can pertorm rolls. To cto this, push the left thu-nosiick as far as possible in a certain direc- 
tion and press tne A button. The length o' your ro.i will depend on your initial speed. 

The Grab 

You can slip up behind an enemy and £rab hold of him. To do this, position yourself behind a 
mercenary and press the A button. From this position you can: 

• Move towards him with the same controls. 

• Break your victim's nec'K by pressing the A button. 

•Knock your victim out with a blow from- the elbow by the right trigger. Youi opponent will 
only be knocked out temporarily; tie will get up again after a few moments. 
Whatever the situatior, you can only grab hold of a mercenary for a limited period of time. 
Beyond this time limit, the mercenary will suffocate and collapse. 

The Elbow Shot 

You can temporarily neutralize or disorient a mercenary by striking him witt your elbow. To per- 
form an elbow shot, make contact with the er.emy and pull the right trigger if you are in front of 
youi opponent or to one side of him, yon will knock hin back. If you are behind him, he wi I be 
knocked out. 

ARGUS Corporation Members 1 Abilities 

task Actions 

t Sneak, Walk, and Run 
When you push the left thumbstick forward slightly, your character will begin tc walk slowly. 
Pushing tne thumbstick all the way forward initiates the full run. 

Jfc. Crouch 

£X^ Ihe Crouch button toggles crouching. Pushing the Crouch button once will make the character 
* «y ^ i crouch. Pushing it again will make him stand up. 


Pressing tne Y button will make your characier jump straight up in the air. Pressing the Y button 
while 'inning will make him jump forward. 




,y^ t 

Aim by moving the on-screen reticle using the right thumbstick. To shoot, pull the righ" trigger. 
Change shooting mode by oressing the X button: 

• Burst: You shoot a burst of three bullets each time you pull the right trigger. 

• Full-Auto: You shoot a continuous burst of fire as long as .you hold the right "rigger. 
The current shooting mode is indicated by an icon on your weapon. 

Use a Gadget 

To use one of your gadgets, you must ha ye you; weapon in 

hand. To use a gadget, pull the lefz trigger. 


You can interact with certain items in the universe by 
pressing the A button. These actions include flipping a 
light switch, using an elevator, and picking up an object. 

Special Abilities 

Pupil Adaptation 

This ability is a version of a natural phenomenon: when you go into a very dark room, it is virtually impossible 

to make out the slightest shape. Aier a few minutes, the pupil dilates, allowing more light to enter the eye, 

slightly improving your vision in the darkness. So, if the .mercenary remains motionless, or if he moves very 

slowly through a dark room, the ambient light will gradually increase. This increase enables the mercenary to 

discern certain shapes - and a few spies, too. 


You can change the gadget you are using by 
pressing the left thumbstick and keeping it 
pressed down. Your screen will loo< like the 
image to the right. 
There are two different ways to select a gadget: 

• While in this configuration press the button 
corresponding to the gadget you want to pick 
up (in this example, press the E- button to 
select the Sticky Camera). Once your choice 
has been made by pressing the button, the 
inventory interface will disappear. 

• While in zhis configuration, move the high- 
lighted square onto the gadget you want to select using the right thumbstick. Once your choice has been 
made, release the ieft thumbst ck. This will select the gadget on which the highlighted square was posi- 
tioned and close the inventory. 



The spy is obliged to kill no one and to leave no trace. To meet this obligation, te only has one nonlethal 
weapon: the Sticky Shocker. This weapon emits electrical discharges that put the person they hit into tempo- 



t-^vOOv^\v^o.***.;^^ r *: ' 

:iry shock. The player can fire 7 consecutive discharges before 
ns or her weapon is completely discharged, It recharges automatical- 
, in the course of time. To shoot, you must hold the weapon in your hanc. When you are holding it, pull the 
right trigger to fire. Your weapon has a secondary function that enables it to fire smoke grenades and Sticky 
Cameras, among other things (the list of gadgets is p-ouiden in the SHADOMET Team Members' 
ir.dgois section). 

viGUS members have a special weapon. This weapon operates with high-velocity projectiles. It has three 
hooting nodes: Single Shot, Burst, and Full-Auto. You have five clips with 30 bullets. You can reload by 
crossing he X button. But watch out! When you reload, you replace the current clip with a new clip, so you 
lose the unused bullets in the current clip. If you find ycurself short of ammunition, you can reload in certain 
'^cations an the levels that are provided for this purpose: reloading zones. Your weapon has a secondary 
unction that enables it to fire fragmentation grenades end flares, among other things. 


SHADOWNET Team Members' Gadgets 

Enhanced Reality 

This function is similar to military targeting systems. It enables you to locate an ND133, providing 
a 2D representation of its position, its state, and its Distance from you. 

Night Vision Goggles 

Night vision goggles ampl : fy the ambient light, particularly emissions from the lower end of the 
infrared spectrum. To use night vision, press left on the directional pad. 

Thermal Vision Headsets 

Thermal vision headsets are similar to night vision goggles, except that they pick up the upper 
part of the infrared spectrum, namely heat emissions rather than light emissions. This vision 
mode displays heat sources in red on the screen. But rementa -hat the range of these headsets 
is limited. To use the thermal vision lieadsc-S, press right on the directional pad. 


This tool can by used at any time and provides a more detailed view of certain zones. You car 2C0m 
in and out using up and down on the directional pad. You can also use thermal vision or nigh: vision, 
or lock an ND133 to locate it more easily. To use the binoculars, press the right thumbstick. 

Spy Bullets 

These are double-purpose cartridges: they ei:her temporarily ma=k an enemy hit by the bulled (he 
appears on your radar and on your teammate's radax) or, if the bullet hits a wall or another part 
of the environment, transform the zone around the point of impact into a radar (making it possible 
to locate any enemy entering this active zone). To shoot a spy bullet, first select It from the inven- 
tory. Then take your weapon into your hand. Aim and fire the spy bullet by pulling the left nigger. 

Sticky Cameras 

This miniature camera has many functions izoom, night vision, thermal vision, gas jet). To fire a 
Sticky Camera, first select it from the mven:ory. Then take your weapon into your hand. Aim and 
fire the Sticky Camera by pulling the left tdgger. 





Chaff Grenade 

This grenade emits electromagnetic particles when it explodes. These particles disrupt and neu- 
tralize electronic devices {surveillance cameras, motion detectors, mines). When the particles 
nave discharged their magnetic field, the neutralized devices operate normally again. To throw a 
chaff grenade, first select it from the inventory. Take your weapon in your hand. Aim and throw 
the grenade by pulling :he left trigger. 

Noise Emitter 

This accessory is also dual-purpose. St emits a series of noises similar to those ma(ie by a spy 
(logical and realistic sequences of sounds). The aim is to fool the mercenaries. When fired near a 
detection system (camera, presence detector, etc.), it can also trigger the detection system, again 
deceiving the mercenaries. To fire a noise emitter, first select it from the inventory. Take your 
weapon in your hand. Aim and fire the noise emitter by pulling the left trigger. 

Flashbang Grenade 

TTi is grenade temporari y blinds the characters when it explodes in their field of vision. To launch 
a flashbang grenade, first select it from the inventory. Take your weapon in your hand. Aim and 
throw the grenade by pulling the left trigger. 

Smoke Grenade 

This grenade gives off a cioud of smoke when it explodes. The cloud enables SHADOWNET team 
members to move forward without being spotted. The smoke also slovs down, hampers, and neu- 
tralizes any ARGUS Corporation members within the cloud. To threw a smoke grenade, first select 
it from the inventory. Take your weapon in your hand. Aim and throw tee grenade by pulling the 
left trigger. 

ARGUS Corporation Members' Gadgets 

Enhanced Reality 

This function is similar to military targeting systems. It enables you to locate ND133s and alarms 
that have just been triggered, providing a 2D representation of their position, their state, and the 
distance between you and these items. 


This flashlight can be used to peer into dark places, in search of intruders. To use it, press down on 
the directional pad. 

Laser light 

The laserlight is a laser beam projected from the weapon that makes it possible to identify a 
character, even if he is in shadow. To activate the laserlight, press down on the directional pad. 

EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Vision 

With EMI" vision, you can locate interference given off by electronic devices. If an object with func- 
tioning electronics - a computer screen, spy goggles when used for special vision, etc. - is within 
the field of vision, it is picked up by EMF vision and displayed in white. To activate this vision, 
press right on the directional pad. 



Motion Vision 

Wkh motion vision, you can reveal air turbulence created 

by spies or objects in motion. Whenever a moving object is located, a frame appears around it, 
making it easier to distinguish the object in question. If the object disappears from the direct 
field of vision (without obstacles between the object and the player) or if the object's speed is 
too low. the frame gradually disappears. To activate motion vision, press left on the di recti on a' pad. 

Binoculars In Snipe Mode 

The mercenaries have specie! binoculars that enable them to zoom in (three possible zoom lev- 
els, with a magnification of 2, 4, or o) and - above all - fire (only in Single Shot mode). To shift 
into this special view mode, click the right ihumbstick. You can change zoom mode using no and 
down on the directional oad. To hold your breath for greater precision when aiming, puil and hold 
the left trigger. You can only hoid your breati as long as the breath gauge is not empty (this 
gauge is located to the left of your reticle in zoomed vision mode). 


The flare produces dynamic light tha' is fairiy short-lived. It lights up with a radius of a few nreters. 
To launch a flare, first select it from the inventory. Aim and launch ii hy pulling the left trigger 

Fragmentation Grenade 

The fragmentation grenade is a deadly grenade that, on explooing, inflicts damage en anyone 
within the explosion zone. To throw a fragmentation grenade, first select it from the mverto-y. Aim 
and throw the grenade ay pull. ng the left trigger. 


You possess a deadly mine caoable of identity recognition (it only detects spies). It h2s a double 
activa'ion system. Yoi. can choose the mode of activation when you lay the mine. If you choose 
Laser Wine, you lay a mine that is activated by a laser beam projected by the mine itself. Any spy 
who cuts through the beam sets off the mine. However, if you cnoose Proximity Wine, you lay a 
mine that is activated by 3 mot : on detector. Any say who passes too CjUickiy tnroLgh the detec- 
tor's range will set off the mine. To lay a mine, you nust f rst seiect it from your inventory. Then 
position yourself in front of a wall 2nd pull he left trigger. If you release ft quickly, you will lay a 
Proximity Mine. However, if you pull and hold the 'eft trigger a fpenu appears f:om which you can 
choose the mine you wish to lay (make your choice by pressing down on the directional pad). 
Release the trigger "o lay the mine. You can remove a mine that has already been laid (prmjed 
your stock of mines is not at its maximum tevel) by going near it and pressing the A button. 

Spy Trap 

This device is a locating system. When in operation, it is activated i f a spy cuts through the laser 
beam emitted by the trap, thereby marking Mm with a transmitter mat makes him visible or the 
radars of all members of the ARGUS Corporation. The device is priced against a wall, the same 
way as a mine. Select it from the inventory, position yourself facing a wall, and press the A button. 


This defense system fires a strong electrical discharge at anyone nearby. The person who ?s hit is 
immobilized for a few seconds. To use the Tazer, first select it from the inventory. To activate it, 
pull the left trigger. If someone is near you. that person will receive an electric shock. 




There are many varied game environments and they are - above al! - interactive. They constitute an integral 
part of the game, affecting both teams. 

Passive Defenses 

Trigger mechanisms are located in the level {motion detectors, surveillance cameras, lasers, etc.). if an intrud- 
er sets off one of these mechanisms, he either activates an intruder alarm that gives his position or an alarm 
that sections off me zone in which he is located. In both cases, the intruder's steakhy progress is jeopardized. 

Alarm Triggers 

The alarm triggers car. be seen using thermal vision. They are indestructible but it is oossibie to neutralize 
them temporarily using the Sticky Siocter or the chaff grenade. Any item neutralized by one or both of these 
means is encircled by electric arcs and gives off smoke. 

Surveillance Cameras 

The surveillance cameras emit sound and light (green when mey see nothing: red "/hen the ala'm is activat- 
ed). A character is located when he enters the camera's cone of vision. 

Motion Detectors 

These detectors can locate any spy who penetrates tneir active zone, "tie indicator lights on the housing are 
green if the detector has located nomrng and red if they have detected something. 


Whenever a spy cuts through the laser beam, he sets off the associated alarm. An ala'm stops automatically 
after a few seconds if nothing appears to re-trigger the alarm. 

Gameplay Objects 

Some objects in the environment a~e gameplay elements. 
Destructible Lights 

To destroy certain light sources, take ou* your weapon, aim, and fire. 

When you shoot at an extinguisher, a cloud of smoke appears at the bullet's poin; of impact Minding merce- 
naries who are passing through the cloud. 

Ammunition Reloads 

These enable you to reload bullets for your weapon and stock up on grenades. P<ess the A button in front of 
the box to reload. 

Health Reloads 

These enable you to regain life. Press the A button while in front of the box to get back to full life. 

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I'organisateur a I'adresse su:van*e ; Pandora Tomorrow Sweepstakes, Ubisoft Inc., 625 Third Street, Third 
Floor, San Francisco, California 94107, USA. Les prix survants seront achemines : 5 grands prix d'un Kenwood 
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DTS-ES decoding 

* Four digital inputs and 
three analog inputs 

Wireless remote 

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